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Crypto mining, both Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency, are based on a computer machinery system and computer systems that perform calculations at an impressive speed. The mining process consists of solving complex mathematical problems in a given time.

Although all mining processes are not the same, many are based on the same principle. When solving these puzzles and operations, what is done is validating the operations' encryptions carried out to have new Bitcoin. Some companies like D Coin Trade offer trading services and you can buy cryptocurrencies through them in any places of the word.

Miners receive additional compensation depending on various factors involved and the type of mining they are doing. In the case of operations or tasks, they are carried out in groups. Who solves the operation faster takes a quantity of satoshi as long as the other group members confirm that it is solved correctly. This math problem is a group of random calculations that will confirm the operations of the block.

As the cryptocurrency system is decentralized, a mechanism is needed to verify all operations. It prevents users from using the same amount of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency over and over again, or from being able to introduce fake currencies to the system.

The miners' mission is to certify the legitimate use of the digital asset, thus avoiding double use or the appearance of counterfeit coins. In this way, the miners review the transactions by putting them together in blocks. This is like having a kind of accounting ledger. To the operations, the amounts and the balances of the users are recorded.

Some forms of crypto mining

The efficiency of the mining system depends on the computing power available. The higher the power, the better and faster a block can solve, therefore obtaining better rewards. That is why the coin mining pools are created.

Thus, it is possible to obtain greater power and receive a joint and fair reward for all members by joining several computers—joining a pool guarantees greater chances of getting cryptocurrency than if we did it on our own. The more powerful computers, the better the mining will be, and, therefore, the reward will be much greater.

When Bitcoin began its operations, it was mined using the processors of computer equipment. That, of course, due to the small number of people, what's more, only Satoshi Nakamoto, the programmer who started this whole revolution, mined all the Bitcoin on the market. 

Once more people began to join, the power required for the process increased, so much more powerful equipment needs. At that time, the use of graphics cards incorporates more computing power than a processor. Then, over time, machines were developed specifically for computational computation: ASICs.

ASICs are a computer with many processors, specially designed to perform the necessary computations to verify operations. The power of these processors could supplant the use of graphics cards. These ASICs are not personal computers but are designed to mine more efficiently and profitably.

If you want to start with crypto mining

As mining technology advances, much less is required to start mining. Today there are several ways to get cryptocurrencies mining on specialized pages like D Coin Trade or with software that allow you to do the computations from the cloud without the need for expensive machinery or dedicated computers only for mining.